Bell metal craft is one of the tradtional craft in kerala and is an aloy of copper and tin. This craft has won worldwide reputation for its artistic perfection. This craft is mainly practised by crafts persons belonging to a particular community. The bell metal castings are done in the well known method of lost wax process. Major bell metal crafts include traditional lamps, uruli & temple pooja sets etc.

Aranmula Metal Mirror with stand
Height : 30 cm.

Aranmula Mirror is made out of white lead and copper as the main ingredients. It is fixed on brass frames. The speciality of this metal mirror is though it resembles the ordinary glass mirror in its appearance, the clarity of the image gives it a distinguishing edge. As the images are being reflected from the surface, no refraction happens as in the usual glass mirror, where the images will be reflected from the mercury coated surface inside the glass.
  BMU -220:002
Warpu (miniature)
Dia : 42cm
Arathi Lamp with 5 steps
Vazha Lamp with 11 hangers
Oil Lamp
Height : 30 cm

Height : 15cm

Hand Bell(medium) : Height : 15cm | Hand Bell(small) : Height : 10cm

  BMU -220:006
Height : 22cm
Cross Lamp
Height : 85cm