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Handicraft in Kerala

Kerala is well known for its articulate craftsmanship, which is an intimate part of her tradition.

Kerala handicrafts, due to its unique, original creative characteristics and unsurpassed sense of colors  has got a  a pride of place in Indian handicrafts map .The local arts and crafts industry in Kerala is so strong that you can find handcrafted articles made of a large variety of resources such as wood, bell metal, brass, coconut shell, banana fiber, screw pine, straw, other natural fibers, papier Mache, textiles, Cora grass, cane and bamboo, buffalo horn etc.

Kerala crafts is mainly linked to traditions, festivals and rituals observed in our state. A very famous product is the wooden face of a Kathakali dancer that is available easily on any roadside shop.

Though every district of the state has the culture of practicing a number of handicrafts activities but each district has specials reputations for one or two crafts. Perinad in Kollam district is famous for straw picture craft. Ernakulam and Idukki district are famous for bamboo crafts. Artisans practicing bell metal craft is mostly found in Mannar and chengannur area in Alappuzha district, Nadavarambu area in Thrissur, and Kunjimangalam in Kannur District.  Cherpu, Thrissur Is famous for wooden elephants. Wayanad, and Alappuzha districts are famous for natural fiber crafts.