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SMSM Centenary Building

Handicrafts Development Corporation of Kerala Ltd, a Government of Kerala undertaking, functioning under Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Kerala, was incorporated in 1968 for undertaking Developmental, Marketing and Welfare activities in the handicrafts sector of Kerala.

The prime focus of corporation is providing a marketing platform for traditional artisans of Kerala and there by uplift their living standard. Corporation through its 19 showrooms under the brand name "Kairali", spread at strategic places all over India, is marketing handicrafts procured directly from the Artisans. SMSM Institute, at Trivandrum is the flagship showroom of the corporation. KAIRALI AND SMSM Institute has a surprising collection of Souvenirs, Mementos and hand crafted Gift articles.

The Corporation has been running a Common Facility Service Centre (CFSC) at Thiruvananthapuram for the benefit of wood based artisans to improve their crafts and also to eliminate drudgery. Many other marketing program such as exhibitions, Craft bazaars and Craft awareness programs are also being pursued by the Corporation to enhance penetration of handicrafts to various strata of society. Moreover, to meet the capital requirements at grass-root levels, the financing schemes for the benefit of the needy craftsmen are being implemented by the Corporation.

The continuing training and developmental activities are being implemented through the assistance from the various Governmental Organizations.


Click  for Memorandum and Articles of Association


Director Board Members        


Sri. P. Ramabhadran



Sri. K.S Anilkumar

Managing Director


Sri. S Murali

Joint  Secretary, Industries Department


Smt. Tixy S Nelson

Deputy Secretary, Finance Department


Sri. K.S Pradeep Kumar

Additional Director, Directorate of Industries & Commerce


Sri. Mattummel Hashim

Mattummel House, Puthiyara, Kozhikode


Sri. Jose Baby


Ex. MLA,

Perimbidari P.O,Mannarkad, Pallakad



Section/Unit wise list of Permanent employees as on 04/2018

updated to 1.11.2019


SN Officers SN Staff
P&A Department
1 Sri. Shamnad MM [Manager(P&A)] 4 Sri. Prajeesh  (Helper - P&A)
2 Shri.Gireesh Kumar B  (Accountant) 5 Smt. Jayasree.S.K, (Helper - P&A)
3 Smt. Sreelatha K   (Assistant Gr II) 6 Smt. Bindu.V.I  (Helper  P&A)


Office of Managing Director
 1 Shri. Biju Prakash, (Superintendent)    2 Smt. Thara P.L, (Telephone Operator- cum- Receptionist)


 1 Shri. Arif S M -General Manager (Mktg)      7 Sri. Lagesh P, Cashier-cum-Accountant
 2 Shri. Mohandas M, Senior Manager (Mktg)  8 Smt. Padmaja P, CA
 3 Shri. Aravind S R, Marketing Executive  9 Smt. Ganga C.P
 4 Shri. Abhilash B S, Marketing Executive  10 Smt. Mrudhula 
 5 Smt. MeenaKumari.R, Stores Officer  11. Shri. S Jayakumar, Helper
 6 Smt. C.S.Udayadevi, Stores Officer    


F&A Department
1 Sri.P.A.Chacko Asst. Accounts Officer 4 Smt.S. Mayalakshmi, Sales Assistant
2 Smt. G. Omana, Asst. Accounts Officer 5 Sri. Sunil C K,  Junior Accountant
3 Smt.A. Vijayalakshmi,   Accountant 6 Smt. G.O. Nisha, Helper  - F&A
1 Sri.Anilkumar, Sales Supervisor (UIC) 2 Smt. T. Sooriakumari, Sales Assistant 
    3 Smt. Lakshmi Subhash, Sales Assistant
    4 Smt. Remani  T , C A
    5 Sri. S. Sudheer, Typist Clerk
    6 Sri. V. Udayakumar, Helper
Kairali Attakulangara/CFSC Attakulangara
1 Smt.V.Rani, Sales Assistant  2 Smt. Jalaja Kumari.J, Typist Clerk
Kairali Handicrafts, Statue, TVPM
1 Sri.M A Gopakumar, Accountant    
Kairali Handicrafts, Technopark, TVPM
    1 Smt. Sarithakumari V
    2 Smt. M. Laila Beevi, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Kollam
1 Shri.Tomy Sebastian, Stores Officer    
Kairali Handicrafts, Thiruvalla
    1 Shri. Aniraj, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Kottayam
    1 Smt. Deepthi Rani , Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, FortKochi
    1 Sri. Sudheer.M.V, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Ernakulam
1 Shri. N.D. Aravindakshan, Stores Officer. 3 Smt. Smitha K.S, Cashier-cum- Accountant
2 Smt.Shelly Agnes K.V, Sales Supervisor Gr.II 4 Smt. Sobha T.P, Cashier-cum- Accountant
    5 Smt. Rajitha.R, Helper
    6 Smt. Sindhu.T.A, Helper
      Smt. K.J Joshina, Cashier-cum- Accountant
Kairali Handicrafts, Thrissur
1 Shri. K.R.SanthoshKumar,  Accountant 2 Smt. Jancy Francis T,Store Assistant Gr.II
    3 Shri. P.R Sasidharan, Helper   
Kairali Handicrafts, Kozhikode
1 Shri.C.K. Gireesan, Accountant 2 Sri. Vineetha, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Kannur
1 Shri.K. Shine, Manager Gr.II  2 Smt.Prathibha C Nair, Cashier-cum-Accountant
    3 Smt.Sherli Naduvilemuriyil
Kairali Handicrafts, Coimbatore
1 Smt. Lizzy P.J, Stores Officer 2 Sri.Rajeevan, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Chennai
1 Smt. Sheela T.N., Sales Assistant  2 Shri.K.K. Bose, Head Packer
Kairali Handicrafts, Ooty
     1 Smt.N. Jasmin, Helper
     2 Shri. P. Mujeeb Rehman, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Bangalore
1 Shri. Rajan. K. Sales Assistant& Unit in charge 2 Sri.AshokKumar, Clerk-cum-Store Keeper, 
Kairali Handicrafts, Gujarath
    1 Shri. Rajendrapaswan, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, Navi Mumbai
     1 Shri.T.K. Sasankan, Helper
Kairali Handicrafts, New Delhi
Shri.P.S. Valsalan, Manager Gr.II,  3 Smt. Sujatha P.K., Sales Assistant
 2 Smt.Elsi John, Sales Assistant   4 Shri. Deepak Sharma, Helper